You can call me Annie. I travel a lot, but am often in California. One of the things I do for money is draw caricatures of interesting characters. Like this one of Ben Franklin.
Are you an interesting character? Let me draw you!
I also spend a lot of time at my desk, reading and writing about technology. (More about that here.) I’ve created illustrated documents of complex software and hardware in L.A., Switzerland, Malibu, Nashville, Del Mar, and the Silicon Valley.
Are you thinking about a career as a technical writer? If you love language, and are insatiably curious about how machines and systems work (and sometimes don’t!), then I very highly recommend it! It’s the best possible job for writers these days. It’s also the perfect way for a right-brained person like me to learn so much about code while working in software development that you might slowly figure out either how to be a developer, or a highly specialized API tech writer — which is my current goal. I learned the basics of markup (HTML and XML) in the 1990s, but to finally get systematic about getting the big picture, I started with online lessons in Processing and C. (Getting there!)

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