I’ll be publishing here some of the essays and articles I’ve written. More soon. (?)


Eulogy For My Father — Alex Sharp, 1921-2007.


Improvising Childhood — How I fared with my brother in a game of war.


In Search of Truth and the Origins of Civilization — An Essay About Freemasonry.


I always like a good sanctuary for speaking. And listening. I wrote an essay about that—the Masonic Lodge, zoning in on truth, and the possible origins of civilization. I used to think of it as an excerpt from an unfinished work in progress, but I wrote it a few years ago, and haven’t added anything to it. Yet.


V-Ness, Pentagrams, and the Amazing Number Five.


A quick meditation on five-ness: the apparent pattern of a planet, flower petals, pine cones, phi, spirals, spirit, the golden ratio, and ancient traditions of wisdom.


Down at the Ship Yard, Part One of Two.
Down at the Ship Yard, Part Two of Two


What life was like in 1984 at a World War II ship yard as it was going through the labor pains of an impending renaissance – from the point of view of somebody who got to tag along with some scuba divers there a couple times. Since then, much of the city’s blight has been replaced with new businesses, upscale apartment buildings and condominiums, and safe places to berth yachts.